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Gabriel Lamberty: Graphic Artist + Illustrator
Professional Experience
1998-Present. Freelance Graphic Artist. International.
Freelance Illustrator and Graphic Artist for diverse commercial clients from around the world. Conducted business effectively in-house and/or via the internet.
2009-2010. Smyth Solutions . South Plainfield, NJ.
Graphic Artist/Marketing Coordinator for a high-end credit logistics firm collaborating with several Fortune 1000 companies. Duties include layout and distribution of email blast promotions and creating marketing collateral for company trade shows.
2008-2009. Majesco Entertainment . Edison, NJ.
Quality Assurance Tester who analyzes video games to document software defects as part of a quality control process for the development of major console brands like Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, and iPhone. Click here for a list of game credits.
2005-2007. Manis NJ LLC. Monmouth Junction, NJ.
Art Director for a multimedia company specializing in the production of brand identities, web design, print design, illustrations, graphics and animation. Duties include the participation and management of all creative services from pre-production to print.

2004. Rolodata. Boston, MA.
Graphic Artist who created various direct mail pieces and promotional materials for multiple commercial clients throughout the metro Boston, MA area
2002-2003. Deron School of NJ Inc. Montclair, NJ.
Computer Instructor/ Graphic Artist for Deron Elementary and Deron High School. Also created cartoon caricatures for the children during school outings, designed the school identification card system.
Computer Skills
Hardware: Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems
Software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Word, PowerPoint, Virtual Response, Marketo
Educational Foundation
Rowan University. Glassboro, NJ
Bachelor of the Arts Degree. May 2002
Concentration in Graphic Design and Illustration.
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I had the pleasure of working with Gabe for a short time.  It didn't take him long to make a lasting impression on me regarding the quality of his work and his work ethic.  It is quite evident that Gabe takes great pride in his work.  He's detail-oriented and thorough.  What really stood out about his work, to me, was not only how good it was (fantastic actually) but that he really listened to what the expectations were for the end product and made it come alive, exceeding the original expectations every time.  Plus, the turn-around time on projects was incredible – I never had to ask for anything more than once and I got what I wanted (and more) within a few hours of the request.  There aren't a lot of people that impress me, especially when it comes to their work, but Gabe is an exception and I personally believe any company should be so lucky as to have him on their staff.

Evie Hooper. Product Manager - Internet Applications. Vendor Compliance Federation (VCF)

"I’ve had the honor of knowing Mr. Lamberty for over 7 years now and in that time he has proven him self to be a diligent worker. Dedicated to his job and the team he’s working with on whatever projects it might be at the time. While a hard worker, he wont hesitate to lift the spirits of those around him and still get his job done. Recently, he has again proven how valuable he has been to my company, but engaging in a expansive marketing campaign to get our product out as best as possible to our key market groups. Gabe always can be counted on to not only meet deadlines, but he has a habit of beating them. I strongly recommend him to the employ of anyone."

Jason Canty. President/CEO. Angry Viking Press

I employed Gabriel Lamberty as an Art Director between 2005 and 2007 (over 2 years). I knew Gabriel was extremely talented before hiring him just by looking at samples of his previous work, so I was excited when he came in for our initial interview. During the hiring process, I gave all of the potential prospects (5 prospects total) a brand identity and product design task. Each prospect had one week to create a new brand and product design for a specific corporation. I told all prospects that whoever impressed the most would be hired. Gabriel Lamberty came back with the best work by far, showcasing his artistic talent and creativity. I hired Gabriel on the spot and he continued to impress me ever since. Over the past two years, Gabriel has worked with me side-by-side. Together, we worked on almost every conceivable print and web project that exits for various clients large and small. The client base was varied, consisting of corporations, small businesses, non-profits, government entities, and even individuals. If it weren’t for my unfortunate personal circumstances, Gabriel Lamberty would still be employed by me today. I have only the greatest things to say about Gabriel Lamberty’s artistic talent, creativity, work ethic, and character.

Peter Manis. President. Manis NJ LLC

I recently had the opportunity of working with Gabe Lamberty. He was easy to contact, he followed directions precisely and he delivered prompt, beautiful work. Gabe has been a pleasure to work with because his work is exactly what I ask for, and there has never been any complications or misunderstandings. For the time I have worked with Gabe on a freelance basis I truly believe he would be an asset to join your team.

Shirly Korchak. Art Director. The Cooperator

Gabriel Lamberty is an artist that I've known and respected for many years. When I came to publish my own magazine I wanted Gabe to be a part of it. He has dealt professionally and patiently with my often-tight deadline requests, and every assignment he has handed in has been of the highest standard and met all of my requirements. In short, it's a pleasure to work with him! :)

James Eatock. Editor and Chief. Cereal Geek Magazine

Articles and Interviews

Citywide WNYU Radio Interview 8/29/2006

The Communicator. Bronx Community College Newspaper Interview 9/19/2006